• b a r oo

    Los Angeles

  • the concept of a free-style experimental kitchen


    Baroo means a bowl that Buddhist monks are allowed to possess

    and use for their meals until their last breath.


    To serve food with respect & love to nature and people,

    we try to use local, sustainable, and organic ingredients

    with wit, open mind, free spirit and fermentation as much as possible.


    Our menu changes often based on what we are playing

    seasonal, local, and inspired.


  • Today menu


    Pickle $2 / each item - GF & VG

    Red onion with rose

    Onion, lime, & jalapeno

    Pineapple & napa cabbage kimchi

    Watermelon rind

    Passionfruit red cabbage kraut


    Bibim Salad $9 VG


    Kimchi Fried Rice $9 (+Bacon & Spanish chorizo $11) - GF & V (VG upon request)


    Noorook (Koji) $12 - V


    Celeriac $12 (Handmade pasta) - V - temporarily off the menu July 2018


    Gim (Seaweed) $12 - VG


    Baroo's Ragu Style $15 (Handmade pasta)


    * GF - Gluten Free

    * V -Vegetarian

    * VG - Vegan




    House fermented Kombucha $3

    Elderflower / Lemon Verbena + yuzu / Rose + passionfruit / Raspberry


    House fermented Tepache $3





    Classic shortbread $2


    Caramel pearl chocolate & oat cookie $2

    A sentence or two describing this item.

  • Press

    Opening Report by Eater LA

    August, 2015

    Scouting Report by Los Angeles Times.

    September, 2015

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    November, 2015

    Chosen as one of The Best New Restaurants in America 2015 by Thrillist

    December, 2015

    #3 on The 10 best new restaurants in Los Angeles 2015 by LA Weekly

    December, 2015

    Noorook was picked as one of Jonathan Gold's 10 dishes of 2015 by LA Times

    December, 2015 

    The biggest LA restaurant surprises of 2015 by Eater LA

    December, 2015

    Kimchi Fried Rice was picked as one of the 10 most stunning dishes of 2015 by Time Out LA

    December, 2015

    Picked as The Best New Restaurant in LA by Thrillist LA

    December, 2015

    #12 of LA's most important restaurant openings in 2015 by Zagat

    December, 2015

    Writing about Baroo and chef Kwang Uh by Eater LA.

    January, 2016

    Baroo's Kimchi fried rice was picked as one of The 10 Best Fried Rice Dishes in Los Angeles on LA Weekly by Joshua Lurie

    March, 2016

    Baroo was on the list of James Beard Foundation Award Semifinalists as Best New Restaurant

    February, 2016

    Bill Addison's Review on Eater

    April, 2016

    Baroo was introduced on Los Angeles City Guide of Bon Appetit

    April, 2016

    Patrick Kuh's Review on Los Angeles Magazine

    April, 2016


    Mentioned as one of the coolest new restaurants in Los Angeles by Vogue

    April, 2016


    Picked as one of Michael Bauer’s favorite Los Angeles restaurants on San Francisco Chronicle.

    April, 2016


    Introduced on LA Times by Noelle Carter.

    April, 2016


    Introduced on Food and Wine 

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    Chosen as one of GQ's 12 new restaurants in America.

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    Chosen as one of Eater's best new restaurants in America.

    July, 2016


    Introduced on Tasting Table.

    July, 2016

    Ranked #5 of Best New Restaurants in America on Bon Appetit. Aug, 2016


    Our Kimchi Fried Rice was chosen as the 2016 Dish of the Year. Aug, 2016

    #23 of Jonathan Gold's 101 best restaurants in Los Angeles on LA Times.

    Oct, 2016

    Chosen as the restaurant of the year on Eater LA.

    Nov, 2016

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